Welcome to the Paramotor School!

You have high energy, you enjoy flying fast, close to the ground, through narrow canyons. You want to fly when you choose, where you choose, how you choose. You are now at the right place – Paramotor School.

As in life, learning, progression and professionalism never end.

In the course you will acquire basic skills that will allow you to fly and progress independently. From that point – the sky is no longer the limit! The school and club will continue to accompany you after you finish the course on training trips, safety evenings, lectures, advanced courses, paramotor trips in Israel and abroad, and more.

Paramotor course

All future-pilots start their way with this basic course. On this course ground-handling, inflations, take-offs and landings are practiced.

On the second stage of the course we will get to meet the engine, learn theory, safety and meteorology.

On the third stage we will improve control and fly paramotor, practice advanced techniques and practice take-offs and landings to perfection.

Course includes:

Introduction with paramotor. Theory lesson: general and paramotor-focused theory, safety, meteorology

Paramotor ground-handling and low-altitude flights

Paramotor tandem flight

Solo paramotor flights

Total of 13 lessons

Full gear from school during lessons

Discounts – upon purchase of gear. Ask your instructor.


  • Paramotor permit, meeting all legal requirements.

8,400 (VAT not included)

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Paragliding to Paramotor transition course

This course is for paragliding P-2 (or higher) pilots, interested in learning motorized flight. In this course we will focus on the motor and the way it affects our flight. We will learn take-off and landing techniques relevant to motorized flight.


Full gear for lessons

Gear introduction

Theory lessons

Paramotor flights (approx.8 flights)

Discounts will be granted upon gear purchasing.

3,500 (VAT not included)

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