Welcome to Paragliding School.

If you are attracted by peace, concentration connecting with nature, if you want to experience flight in its purest form, you are in the right place!

On our paragliding school you will turn from a man with two feet on the ground to paraglider pilot.

As in life, learning and professionalism never end. We will equip  basic skills to float and of course here the sky’s the limit, the school will continue to accompany you at the end of the course on training trips and safety evenings lectures and advanced courses in Israel and abroad.

Basics, low altitude

All future-pilots start their way with this basic course. On this course ground-handling, inflations, take-offs and landings are practiced.

The course includes:

  • Introduction with gear
  • Ground-Handling practice: 3 lessons
  • Theory
  • Low-altitude flights: 3 lessons
  • Full gear for each student
  • International qualification: ParaPro-1

3,400 (המחיר אינו כולל מע"מ)

להזמנת קורס

Basics, High Altitude.

This course aims for graduates of P-1 course. On this course we will deepen the knowledge and understanding of the theory of flight, improve paragliding operation and learn proper planning of flight. A theory-of-flight lesson takes place during the course. The entire course happens in the air (except the theory lesson). We take off from active take-off spots in Israel.

On this course we will improve our control of paraglider movement over 3 axles, learn the right, efficient way to turn, and practice different situations in flight. Proper planning of flight and landing are also practiced. According to student’s progress, the instructors’ involvement in flight will gradually reduce, to the point where the student flies independently.

Upon graduating the course, the pilot will receive a pilot certificate, meeting the requirements of Israeli law.

International pilot’s license will be provided upon request.

6,200 (המחיר אינו כולל מע"מ)

להזמנת קורס

Ridge Soaring

This course is for pilots who have completed high-altitude course (or about to). In this course we will learn the unique characteristics of ridge soaring flights, including rules of way, maintaining flight course, avoiding hazardous areas, emergency landings on the coast and top landing. Ridge flights are an excellent entry door for long flights. These flights create a good base that can be used by the pilot in the future, in high altitude and thermal flights.

  • The course consists of a theoretical lesson + 4 practical lessons
  • Each pilot flies with their own gear.
  • Successful completion of the course will grant the pilot P-3 certification

2,900 (המחיר אינו כולל מע"מ)

להזמנת קורס