Learn To Fly

You always dreamed of flying like a bird.

7 Winds Paragliding School will help you turn the dream to a hobby and join a growing community of pilots and aviation enthusiasts in Israel and abroad.

We had a dream too. In 2007 we fulfilled our dream and opened 7 Winds Paragliding School.

Today, 7 Winds Paragliding School is the oldest and most experienced school in Israel, acknowledged by and cooperates with dozens of clubs around the world.

We teach paragliding (free-flying) and paramotor (motorized flight).

We offer a wide range of courses, from the very basics to the most advanced levels, emphasising safety and professionalism.

Each student’s progression depends on the student. The more time you put into practice – the more you will progress.

The course program is based on the European Para-Pro program, updated and improved to meet the latest developments in the field.

By the end of the course you will receive an international pilot’s license. With that you will meet legal requirements for flying in Israel and other countries worldwide. The license will also allow you to participate in international competitions and festivals. 7 Winds is the only school in Israel that provides it’s graduates with an international license.