Mountains flight

A tandem paragliding experience at the Galilee Mountains, suitable for every nature, aviation and extreme enthusiasts. See Israel from a new and exciting angle, watch as familiar landscapes receive a new and original twist. On the breathtaking view below you could see Haifa Bay, the Carmel, Jezreel Valley, the Galilee Mountains, Sea of ​​Galilee, Hermon Mt. and more.

Cross-country (distance flights) are also available. We will fly for 1-2 hours over the landscapes of the Galilee, we will join birds in flight and travel by air approx. 15-25 kilometers, at altitude of over 1,000 meters!

Some of the take-offs we use:

  • Mt. Tavor
  • Golan Heights (Mevo Hama)
  • Mt. Haari
  • Mt. Gilboa
  • Yavniel valley (Sharona)

להזמנת טיסה

We will drive together to the take-off. After a short briefing, you will be attached to your pilot. The paraglider will be ready for takeoff. The pilot will inflate the wind and set it flying before take-off, so there is NO scary feeling of free-falling. Gently you will be carried out into the air, where you will sit comfortably in a specially designed harness. The views from up in the air are spectacular!

Flights a subject to weather. We do our best to predict and choose the site and time with the best chances for flying. Even so, unexpected changes in weather are always a possibility. In such case, it may be that a flight will have to be postponed.

Closed-toe shoes are necessary for flying (well, take-off and landing).

If a pilot of a specific gender is preferred, please let us know in advance.

Any changes in order details has to be provided at least 2 business days prior to flight

Gift vouchers can be purchased and given as a special gift to family or friends who enjoy surprises. The voucher will be sent via e-mail or mail after purchase.

*Every voucher valid for 2 years

In 7 Winds we are honored to fly who require assistance. We will do all we can to make sure anyone can fly with us, for the same price. We are in relations with the leading organizations and companies on the field in order to be able to provide wonderful flight and experience to literally anyone.

Passengers weighing more than 100 Kg, please notify us in advance.

Safety in flight is a combination of excellent modern gear with pilot’s skills and knowledge. We do not compromise safety and offer the highest level of safety in the field.

Our gear is purely european-made, all with european certification, the most demanding. Our Tandem pilots are local pilots, professionally trained and certified by CAA with many years of experience, guaranteeing the highest level of safety in each flight.

We hold a 3rd party insurance, up to 1,000,000 NIS