Fun Days for Businesses

Fun Days is a great opportunity to get the employees out of their daily work, show appreciation and reward the employees for their contribution to the organization.

Through fun days you can interact with employees, improve communication, strengthen teamwork, generate and strengthen the sense of belonging among employees and deliver sharp messages of consolidation and cooperation among all.

להזמנת טיסה

In order to break a routine from the banal events, one has to think about something different. A concept that will combine a challenging experience with a unifying, cohesive activity that contributes to and enhances group cohesion. When organizing days of fun for employees it is important to think about all the details. Our experience at 7 Winds has taught us to think about everything by paying attention to every detail, and thus planning a successful fun day for anyone.

We try to combine flight experience in every event. If the time is short, the budget is limited, or the weather is not suitable, the flight can be introduced as a prize for outstanding employees or as a prize for the winners of the day’s competitions.

Air activity: flying in a Paraglider / Paramotor / Trike.

O.D.T (Team Development Challenges): Forest, water or air.

Workshops: alcohol, laughter, mysticism, treasure hunt, cooking and more.

Attractions: ATVs, rangers, tom-karim, jeeps, horses, donkeys, kayaks, bicycles, Manara Cliff, Luna Gal, Hemi Gash, golf cars, paintball, abseiling, rope parks , Activities nationwide.

Spa: A selection of very large spas adapted for groups, Hamei Ga’ash, Tiberias Hot Springs, Neve Midbar, Hamei Yoav, Hamat Gader and more.

Hiking around the country: guided tours, theme tours, history tours and more.

The package can be built according to customer requirements and budget.

For more information and a detailed quote, contact us.

In 7 Winds we are honored to fly who require assistance. We will do all we can to make sure anyone can fly with us, for the same price. We are in relations with the leading organizations and companies on the field in order to be able to provide wonderful flight and experience to literally anyone.

Passengers weighing more than 100 Kg, please notify us in advance.

Safety in flight is a combination of excellent modern gear with pilot’s skills and knowledge. We do not compromise safety and offer the highest level of safety in the field.

Our gear is purely european-made, all with european certification, the most demanding. Our Tandem pilots are local pilots, professionally trained and certified by CAA with many years of experience, guaranteeing the highest level of safety in each flight.

We hold a 3rd party insurance, up to 1,000,000 NIS