Come Fly With Us

Extreme sports fans?

Searching for an original Valentine’s Day gift, marriage proposal, birthday or Bar Mitzvah?

Tandem flight is the perfect gift for friends, loved ones, and of course for you!

The flight is carried out by a professional pilot who will take you high into the sky.You will be sitting in front of the guide in a designated harness, front row to the view. All you have left to do is to relax, absorb the wonderful landscapes of Israel and enjoy the most unique experience.

Mountains flight
A tandem paragliding experience at the Galilee Mountains, suitable for every nature, aviation and extreme enthusiasts. See Israel from a new and exciting angle, watch as familiar landscapes receive a new and original twist. On the breathtaking view below you could see Haifa Bay, the Carmel, Jezreel Valley, the Galilee Mountains, Sea of ​​Galilee, Hermon Mt. and more.
Flying Celebration
Looking for an original event that will throw you to the air? Our team will plan with you a cool and fun event, in the best location and with unique atmosphere that suits you perfectly! To make things even better, the crowning glory: paragliding tandem flights with a professional, experienced pilot! Plan with us a family gathering, a bachelor / bachelorette party, any other celebration you want!
Fun Days for Businesses
Fun Days is a great opportunity to get the employees out of their daily work, show appreciation and reward the employees for their contribution to the organization. Through fun days you can interact with employees, improve communication, strengthen teamwork, generate and strengthen the sense of belonging among employees and deliver sharp messages of consolidation and cooperation among all.
Coastal Soaring
Experience a tandem flight off the shores of Arsuf, Gaash, or Netanya. You and the birds alone, above everything, enjoying the sun, the water and the beach view. A Tandem flight is suitable for everyone, including children (4+). No one is too young or too old to fly. The flight is made with a dedicated, stable paraglider, very convenient for flying. Passenger and pilot fly together, each sits in a separate harness. The pilot sits in the rear harness, Putting the passenger in a front-row sit for the view, allowing the passenger to take in the views and the experience. As a passenger, all you have to do is relax and watch the wonderful views of Israel, savor the flight experience and take breathtaking pictures!