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Paragliding is the closest feeling to flying like a bird. The pilot feels the air, admires the scenery, meditates and connects with nature. The pilot alone performing this wonder, this magic, that is called aviation.

Paraglider is the simplest and most convenient aircraft, easy to carry and fly. It consists of two main parts – canopy and harness. The pilot takes off into the air and then sits into the harness. Once in the air the pilot soars like a bird, taking advantage of rising air currents. During flight, it is possible to travel and explore the air and land for hours. There is no experience like it.

About Us

7 Winds Paragliding Club hosts more than 200 active members in Israel. We fly in Israel and around the world, we have club meetings, we attend professional and safety lectures, attend advanced courses and do much more. In the last decade the club and school have trained hundreds of pilots in a safe and professional manner, sharing their love of flight with them.

7 Winds team of instructors conducts shows and introduction flights that allow everyone to fly and experience this miraculous marvel.

Our Team

Tzuk Guttman


Tzuk is an instructor in our school since 2012. A talanted Tandem and the Acro pilot he is, an introduction flight with him is a on-of experience. Flies since 2009.

Roi Maman

Marketing and adminitration

Roi manages the office and you will probably talk to him about signing up for courses, taking an introduction flight having a special event (such as a proposal). Flies since 2015.

Roman Kripak

Owner, Senior instructor

Roman has earned his place as the most professional paragliding / paramotor instructor in Israel. His record hold hundreds of students and more then 12 years of instructing. Flies since the 90's

Ira Yifa


Ira entered the world of paragliding at the age of 14 when he started paragliding with his father, a paraglider pilot himself. In 2011 Ira moved to the United States and joined USHPA (United States Hang-gliders and Paragliders Assocciation) as a pilot. Since then, he has undergone advanced courses and been trained as a tandem and paramotor pilot. He joined 7Winds Club during 2017 as part of our growth and development process.


In my personal opinion, 7 Winds is the best paragliding school in Israel!!! The team of instructors, headed by Roman, is a winning team. Their approach to the field of paragliding is an in-depth professional approach with an emphasis on the level of safety, one of the best I got to known in Israel. From many meetings with 7 Winds graduates at the various take-offs, I can say that the elements they acquired in the courses provide a solid foundation for their advancement in this special sport. Being a pilot for 8 years in Israel and abroad, and as one of the founders of Hamossad Lerechifa paragliding club, I can say with full confidence that the tremendous knowledge that the staff has is definitely appreciated. Well done!!!
Have you ever asked yourself what life looks from above? Ever wanted to feel as free as a bird? If so - Paragliding can fulfill the dream! For years I thought and dreamed of it. About two years ago I decided that I wanted to learn to paraglide by myself! I contacted 7WINDS Club and School under the direction of Roman. I could not ask for more. Accurate and relaxing instruction, personal approach to each pilot, strict adherence to all safety requirements in order to make the experience perfect. At the end of the basic course, the club keep supporting the pilots with advanced training days and safety meetings. Any question gets a response, all accompanied by a community with unique quality